Traders pro-bono efforts – provide much needed affordable housing and church preservation

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We build communities, not just homes and so Traders In Purple firmly believe that giving back to the whole community is a vital part of our role.

The photo above could be taken on any low-medium density construction site in Australia, but there’s something special about the progress here. With pro-bono assistance from the Traders Tasmania team, the parish of St Mark’s, Deloraine developed an adjacent unused parcel of land.

This provided 6 affordable housing villas for purchase by the private market (which has sold), 2 affordable rental villas to be retained by the church supporting ongoing services, and the purchase of a nearby heritage church which was used as a community hall for over 50 years, saving it from sale into the private market and having it lost to the community forever.

This is a model now being replicated by other Parishes across Tasmania, with the ongoing assistance of our team.

Traders are truly passionate about delivering affordable, quality homes for those in need and also preserving heritage assets for the community.

By partnering with other experts and joining forces with sectors of the community who are equally committed to community equity investment, we aim to become a leader in affordable housing investment.


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