Building for
all Australians

At Traders In Purple we recognise that one size doesn't fit all.

With the diverse range of communities in Australia, comes an equally diverse spectrum of stakeholders and buyers and an even greater criteria of needs. We build for purpose and we build for place.

In over 20 years of business, we’ve provided thousands of homes across hundreds of diverse and manifold projects.

Our projects create jobs and we’re rigorous in selecting local consultants and tradespeople who bring valuable local knowledge.

As the partner of choice for governments, investors and landowners the Traders In Purple expertise extends to six key areas of development.


Urban Regeneration

Our visionary urban regeneration work delivers a wide range of built forms across Australia. Incorporating retail, commercial and residential our large-scale masterplanned, mixed-use projects deliver new lifestyle precincts that create a positive impact on the communities they form. 

Coastal Living

The iconic coastal lifestyle dream of many Australians has become a reality with the Traders In Purple expertise of building owner-occupier absolute waterfront and beachside apartments. Both luxurious and low maintenance, our award-winning coastal apartments are engineered and tailored to the needs of their unique costal environment.


Finding solutions and creating unique opportunities to make our lived environments better, we work with government and landowners to develop under-used parcels of land within existing dense urban environments. Serving to renew an area, our infill developments upgrade our existing communities, encourage new residents and businesses and increase social interaction.  

Community Housing

We have long-standing partnerships with governments and community housing providers to deliver housing that sets a new benchmark for quality in this high-demand sector. With an in-depth understanding of the requirements of fusing private with social and affordable housing, our projects ensure the creation of cohesive communities. 


Respectful of the heritage that surrounds us, a Traders In Purple Heritage Development ensures some of our beloved local landmarks are both preserved and sympathetically restored. Given a second life, these heritage developments help retain the colour and diversity of our communities.

Build To Rent

Developing and managing residential communities, retail, office and industrial developments across the eastern seaboard in partnership with investors, we deliver a range of flexible and reliable amenities for all types of renters. With a focus on helping to ease the chronic housing availability crisis and provide quality developments that offer assurance, our Build to Rent communities are leading the way in Australia.



What we stand for

With a reputation for the highest ethical standards, passion and excellence, Traders In Purple is a property developer with a difference.


Professional Focus

Our professional focus is on creating communities that complement and enhance their surroundings. We’re responsive to the needs of the diverse locations in which we build and respectful of heritage and environmental conditions of each unique development.


Our strength is built on the knowledge, experience and expertise of our team and the collaborations with trusted partners.


Our energy, passion and commitment come from being dynamic industry leaders, willing to think differently, innovate constantly and always strive to exceed expectations.


Our refreshingly honest, thoughtful and genuine approach stems from our human-centric mindset. We’re transparent, ethical, compassionate and understanding.


Our authenticity stems from the fact that we quite simply love what we do. We don’t just build properties, we create homes and communities that people are proud of.


Our integrity is the foundation of the trust people place in us. Level-headed, unflappable and always delivering above and beyond, we are Trusted in Property.



Implementing success

With our extensive experience we understand the complete cycle of property development.



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    Customer Care


Our Name

The story of our legendary name

Purple, the most sought-after, revered and legendary of colours.


The company’s unique name is a reference to the greatest traders of the ancient world, the Phoenicians. They were known as ‘traders in purple’.

In ancient times, the dye to make purple was so rare and costly only the most distinguished could afford cloth of this colour.

The skilled Phoenician traders of this rare commodity were experts in their craft, representing not simply the highest quality, but integrity, honour and pride in their business.

Today, Traders In Purple takes inspiration from this rich legacy, our Directors Charles and George, understand what exceptional means and just like their forebears, they never settle for anything less than extraordinary.

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