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Logan Road, Evandale, TAS

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Sustainable and sympathetic growth

Respecting and reflecting local heritage, while re-articulating it for a new generation, the 78ha landholding between Logan Road and Ridgeside Lane, is earmarked to extend Evandale and enhance life in the township.

Our number one priority is to create a development that is consistent with the existing character of Evandale, and that accords to the views of existing residents.

We know from feedback that residents want to preserve the unique village character of Evandale, while providing a population base that will sustain local services, including the local school. In keeping with this, Traders vision is to ensure the sustainability of the township of Evandale as a place to live, not just to visit.

Our updated proposal will provide opportunity to bring young families and children to the town, which will strengthen local services and support the long-term sustainability of Evandale Primary School.

Smaller mixed-use development

The current proposal caters for approximately 250 lots, compared to the previously proposed 700-plus lots – 30% of the size of the original proposal. It will include both standard residential and larger rural style lots, plus opportunities for retirement and aged care living, villa style housing, and space for childcare.

In addition to new homes and structures, this land will also contain open space and connections into the existing Evandale township.

Importantly, the development will occur over a ten plus year period, which will provide measured and manageable population growth towards the existing population target of 2,000, and provide a sustainable community for the maintenance of local business and services.

Understanding place and its people

Reflecting an understanding of the existing town and the potential opportunity for the new Logan Road site neighbourhood, Traders In Purple commissioned a Placebook – another step in the work Traders is undertaking on the path to achieving the most appropriate, pleasing and beneficial results.

Liveability, also known as quality of life, goes hand in hand with good design. The intent of this Placebook is to recognise the relationship between urban design, placemaking and character for Evandale.


For further information or to provide your feedback, please contact us at info@tradersinpurple.com


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